Our Unique Service

Clubstores.ie offers clubs their own unique online store to promote and sell their own branded and general sports merchandise. This exceptional service removes the headaches, hassle and administration costs of managing your store, while your club retain complete control on all transactions and income.


Fundamentally, ClubStores.ie supplies a wide range of quality sports goods at competitive prices for clubs and their members. We provide our products through an unprecedented and very unique online service.


Effectively operating as a retailer to club members, supporters and wider community, each club has the opportunity to realise a potential income stream from the sales of its own brand merchandise and general sports goods. The service is free. Each club will have complete control and transparency of their own online store, including secure online access to all transactions, with no administrative or running costs incurred by the club.


Available 24/7, the service provides an unprecedented combination of quality goods at competitive pricing to all participating clubs and members. Secure log in for authorised users including members, enables placing and tracking of all orders in real-time. Club officials will have unrestricted access to all transactions with complete transparency and audit trails to ensure optimum service levels. The service will operate a goods delivery schedule of seven to ten days on generic goods and ten to fourteen days on customised goods. Clubstores.ie has deployed a unique technology solution to fully automate the entire supply chain and transaction administration end to end.


Each participating club has online access to real-time details relating to all orders placed through their store. Remember this is a free service with no administration headaches or operational hassle.

Your Club!  Your Store!  Your Income!






Room 12, IFC House

23 Fashion City

Ballymount Road Upper

Dublin 24

Tel: +353 1 687 7930 / +353 1 687 4065

Email: info@omnistore.ie

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